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If you’re looking to ace your English grammar for an upcoming interview, you’re in the right place! Each week, we’ll focus on one to two tenses in English and use them in targeted conversations related to behavioral interview questions.

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Kyra Sage

Kyra Sage is a language coach, teacher trainer, curriculum developer, tech enthusiast, and educational content creator. She empowers relocated non-native English speakers in the USA to develop their English fluency and build a foundation of confidence in their new life in a new country. Since 2013, she has taught learners from South Korea, France, Israel, Brazil, Spain, Japan, Russia, and China!

Our Speaking Club Outline

Week 1: Understanding Company Culture with Simple Present 🔗
In Week 1, Reflect on all the verbs we value as we look at company culture with Simple Present.

Week 2: Your Career with Simple Past 🔗
In Week 2, Showcase your professional skills and accomplishments using Simple Past in English.

Week 3: Preparing for an Interview with Present Perfect 🔗
In Week 3, Zoom in closer to the stories from your career and connect those experiences to future professional opportunities with Present Perfect

Week 4: Discussing Feedback with Modals 🔗
In Week 4, Reflect on interview feedback using modals to interpret results using Modals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take this course if I have a full-time job/am a full-time student?

Absolutely! The course will not take a lot of your time. However, we ask our students to be ready to dedicate at least 3 hours each week to the course.

What is the price of the full course?

The price for the full 4-week course is 20 USD, and if you register during the first week, it’s only 15 USD. Our goal is to make language learning accessible to as many people as possible. You’re welcome :)

Do I have to attend all of the live sessions in real-time?

Not necessarily, but we advise you to attend the weekly live sessions in real-time because you’ll get to meet Kyra in person and learn about the new topic first-hand.

Will I work with other students?

Yes! The essence of the course is to teach you to cooperate with like-minded peers and improve your English speaking skills. You will talk to a lot of interesting people from various cultural backgrounds during the weekly speaking sessions.

Will I get to meet Kyra in person?

Yes, you sure will! During the live sessions, you’ll have a chance to talk to Kyra and ask her any questions about language learning.

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