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Club Period

September 04, 2022 – October 02, 2022

This cohort is currently closed for registration. The next cohort is planned in October 2022

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Finally! Teacher Mike’s English Club is here! Have you spent hours and hours on expensive English courses with little or no progress? Now YOU can study with Teacher Mike online each week and be a part of our exclusive community. For our first course, we will be learning how to make simple changes in our lives that will lead to BIG improvements!

  • Speaking club goal: We will practice English in a community of dedicated students together. The goal of the speaking club is to speak English as much as possible in order to help you get more motivated to learn English than you have ever been before.

    We will achieve this by:

    • Attending live workshops hosted by Teacher Mike. This cohort’s theme is: Self-Improvement.
    • Engaging in pod meetings (small group conversations) with carefully selected students from all over the world with prompts related to what we discussed in the workshops.
  • Speaking Skills we will practice: Fluency and Motivation

Join this speaking club if you have a CEFR or equivalent intermediate or higher English proficiency (from B1). Not sure what your proficiency level is? Check here

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join this speaking club if I have a full-time job/am a full-time student?

Absolutely! The speaking club will not take a lot of your time. However, we ask our students to dedicate at least 3 hours each week to the speaking club.

What is the price of the full speaking club?

The price for the full 4-week speaking club is 25 USD, but if you register during the first week, it’s only 20 USD. Our goal is to make language learning fun and inexpensive for anyone who wants to learn.

Do I have to attend all of the live workshops in real-time?

Not necessarily, but we advise you to attend the weekly live streams so you can chat with Teacher Mike and learn about the new topic.

What time will the live workshops be held?

Join the Immigo team and Teacher Mike via Zoom starting from September 4th at 20:00 Beijing Time. You’ll also practice English with other students in small speaking groups at a time that your group can decide together.

Will I work with other students?

Yes! We hope you can make many new friends and find a great English speaking partner to truly improve your English speaking skills.

Will I get to chat with Teacher Mike?

Yes, you sure will! During the live Zoom call, you’ll have a chance to talk to Teacher Mike and ask him any questions about the topic and language learning.