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How it works
👀 Pre-class
🤓 In-class
🤩 Post-class

All classes will be around the idea of “speaking faster,” in which we’ll cover intonation, connected speech, contractions, linking sounds, etc

🎯 The goal of this Speaking Club is to help you speak ✨REAL✨ English.

At the of the course, you will:

  • Understand native speakers in the real-life conversations
  • Use sounds you've never used before
  • Have a more smooth and natural English - finally speaking fast
  • Become more expressive when speaking so you get people's attention and admiration

Right at the end of every class, you’ll get the chance to speak more connected and natural English

Week 1 - How native speakers contract words

You’ll learn how to pronounce different contractions and use them in everyday conversation

Week 2 - All about connecting the words

We’re gonna dive into how the words are linked according to their sounds, using movies and series examples

Week 3 - Intonation - doing it right

Going over the way we say the sentences when asking a question or reading - making sure that you practice it right

Week 4 - How to do the pronunciation of -ed words

The different sounds words in the past finished in -ed can have - and how to connect them too when forming sentences

Week 5 - How to finally incorporate the -th sounds (one of the most common in English)

Making sure that you learn about the voiced and unvoiced -th sounds and how we put them into practice when asking and speaking the language

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